How to Pack for a Long Weekend in a Carry On


Has anyone else seen this meme? meme

This used to be me right before we were about to go pretty much anywhere, but as I get older and travel a bit more, I feel like I’ve perfected the art of packing light. Don’t get me wrong, I still pack my suitcase to the brim, but now, it’s how I pack that makes all the difference.

This coming weekend I am heading to Chicago for my first time to visit a girl friend of mine that I haven’t seen since March, so I am soooo excited! Right now it’s really cold in Chicago, so packing light is starting to seem like a daunting task. Between the coats, long sleeves, scarves, and hats, I have to make room to fit everything I need. Here’s how I made it work:


  • Layer on the plane – planes are cold anyways, so try to wear your biggest (in my case fluffiest) jacket and bulkiest shoes on the plane
  • Pack layers that you can mix and match.
  • You’re allowed one personal bag – try to pack as much in there as possible
  • If you’re staying at a hotel or with a friend, see what toiletries they have so that you don’t have to pack yours (I always try to use the hotel shampoo/conditioner/lotion or my friends stuff if it’s just for the weekend)
  • Use the rolling or method or intertwine your clothes while you’re folding. This will save you some room and keep wrinkles out of your clothes
  • Pack your undergarments and small accessories in any bags or purses you’re bringing. This not only keeps them safe and all together, but it saves room.
  • Luckily this trip, (for some odd reason) I was able to squeeze everything in my carry-on, but if you’re looking to save any extra space, you can use these.

What are some of the ways you like to pack? Leave your ideas in the comments below!



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