Hiking East Canyon: Santa Clarita, CA

If you’re like me and love combining fitness + outdoors, you’re in for a real treat. I almost hesitate posting this because it is such a special location with not a lot of foot traffic. I am originally from Santa Clarita, California aka, Six Flags Magic Mountain, which some would think is our only claim to fame. What people don’t know, is that this beautiful little Los Angeles suburb has more to offer than just a thrilling afternoon.

One of my favorite weekend activities is hiking. There’s just something about walking through the hills and seeing all of the fresh lushness after a spring rain. What most people that live or travel through Santa Clarita aren’t aware of, is that about 5 minutes before reaching the Magic Mountain Parkway freeway exit, lies one of my favorite places to hike: East Canyon. East Canyon trail is especially unique because it inhabits three different species of oak trees: California Bay Laurel, California Black Walnut, and Big Leaf Maple, as well as an unusual forest of Bigcone Douglas-fir. Douglas-firs in East Canyon are found at a relatively low elevation even though this species is more ideally suited to the climatic regime of about 18,000 years ago. It’s quite the exciting little ecosystem and definitely a sight to see in the Spring and Summer seasons.The trail itself is only about 3.8 miles long and is located along an access road.

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East Canyon attracts hikers (with or without pups), mountain bikers, and equestrians alike and at the top of the ridge you can even see Griffith Park & the Hollywood Hills in the distance. Another reason why this trail is so near & dear to my heart is because it is one of my dad’s favorite trails. He’s the model in my pictures. While hiking, we’ve found wild basil, rosemary, thistle, and a replica of the Switzerland Hills in the Sound of Music.  If you’re ever interested in hiking this beautiful trail, I recommend packing a picnic & taking the roads less traveled by.

Trail Address: 24255 The Old Road, Newhall, CA

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*I should note that during the warmer seasons, snakes do make an appearance, so be cautious and avoid hiking alone*

Leave your comments below and let me know if you decide to visit!