Top 5 Fitness Habits for 2019


I am one of those people that truly believe that if you look good you feel good and and if you feel good you look good. I also believe that in order to feel like my most confident self, working out consistently is the key. Just like everything else in life, finding a routine that works best for you and fits in with your lifestyle is essential to achieving those goals. Your fitness journey is…a journey. It’s never going to be perfect and you’re going to hit some bumps in the road, but staying consistent will be what gets you to the finish line or end goal.

I understand that lack of motivation can be what keeps us from getting started, but I have come up with some small and easy tips that everyone can do to get us to where we want to be.

Have Fun

You don’t have to go to the gym to work out. Find a class or studio with work outs that you actually enjoy and have fun at. When you like what you’re doing, you’re most likely to go back and stay motivated. It really makes all the difference.

I’m someone that really enjoys classes and I find that I’m more motivated when I’m in with a group of people. Maybe it’s because I’m super competitive (and love being the teacher’s pet), but working out with people really motivates me to work my hardest!

Just Get There

Celebrate the little wins. Hey – you made it to the gym. Even if your workout isn’t everything you hoped for, at least you got there. It’s much better than just sitting on your butt at home and not going at all. As I said before, your fitness journey is just that and each workout doesn’t have to be perfect. If you’re not feeling motivated to go to the gym or to a class, try fitting in a quick workout at home. You’ll feel so much better for at least doing something rather than nothing.

Work Out Topless

Not totally topless, but I find that working out in my sports bra gives me a little extra motivation (especially on abs day!). I know it’s not ideal for everyone and while it might not feel super comfortable to you, I find it extremely motivating! It reminds me to keep my stomach tight and engage my core, which in turn reminds me to keep my shoulders back and my posture straight.

Schedule Your Workouts

Time management and self-discipline is huge when it comes to making time for your workouts. For me, I find that getting into a routine and scheduling workouts in my calendar helps to hold myself accountable. I also believe that my workout is a time for me to focus on self-care and bettering myself, and making that a priority is key for me to feel my absolute best.

Get a Workout Buddy

Whether its with a trainer, your bestie or even your S.O., having a workout buddy to hold you accountable will make all the difference. I don’t personally work out with a trainer, but I’ve started scheduling classes with my friends so that we all make sure we show up. I’m a lot more likely to show up for a workout if someone’s there waiting for me.

My goal this year is to focus on being happy and healthy and that’s what working out does for me. Maybe by mentioning it here in my blog it’ll help me stick to my goal and routine. In a couple months I will update you guys and let you know how I’m doing, but for now, let me know in the comments below what keeps you motivated and on track with your workouts!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Fitness Habits for 2019

  1. Love this! I agree, working out and getting in shape definitely helps with self-esteem. In my experience, having a workout buddy is one of the most useful tools in the journey towards fitness. That accountability is priceless. Thank you for sharing! 😃


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