How to Maintain Healthy Locks


If you know me, you’ll know I’m a hair-gal. I’ve always loved switching up the colors in my hair, but I’ve learned some tried and true ways to maintain healthy locks along the way. No one wants dry, brittle, broken hair, so if you want a little inside scoop of how I keep it fresh, keep reading.

Reduce heat

First things first, there’s no way your hair is going to be long, healthy, or luscious if you are continuously applying heat to it. Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but try to cut out heat whenever possible. Try to shower at night and let your hair dry. Turn your blow dryer on warm instead of hot. Try a couple new no-heat styles like braids or low buns.

Cut back on washing

If you’re someone that colors your hair, you know that you shouldn’t be shampooing every single day (or at least your hairstylist should have told you that). Try reducing the amount of time you wash to preserve hair color & texture. You may have to wash your hair more often than some other people, but try to go as long as you possibly can without it.

Take warm instead of hot showers

Just like hot tools aren’t good for your hair, hot water isn’t the greatest either. Hot water can strip your hair of moisture resulting in your color fading quicker and possible breakage. If you’re someone that just can’t give up their hot shower, try showering with a shower cap on those days and cooler showers on days you wash your hair.

Get a shower filter

This is a quick and easy way to not only upgrade your bathroom, but upgrade your hair-care routine. Anyone with colored hair should really think about adding a filter to their shower head or replacing it entirely. This will protect your hair each time you shower.


Locking in moisture is the goal at the end of the day when wanting to achieve a healthy head of hair. If your someone that colors your hair, if it’s feeling dry afterwards, you might have to add moisture on your own. Consider a leave-in conditioning treatment or coconut oil prior to your shower.

What are some of the ways you keep your hair healthy? Please share all your favorite tips in the comments below!



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