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How to Control Your Sweet Tooth


Sweet tooth cravings are so hard to fight – especially during the holidays. While satisfying that sweet tooth can give you a quick bolt of energy, it ends up wearing off, leaving you to crash and burn!

With the holidays right around the corner, you’re might be wondering how to indulge while still keeping that Summer body you worked so hard on. Unfortunately for us, a diet full of carbs will leave you disappointed and feeling sluggish. Continue reading for some of my tips to help curve that sweet tooth during the holidays while still being able to enjoy yourself.

1. Offer to bring a dish 
This time of year is full of holiday parties and gatherings. A sure way to ensure that there’s at least one healthy dish that you enjoy at the party is to bring it yourself. As a bonus, the host will be eternally grateful that you offered to help. Here’s a quick and delicious dish I brought to Thanksgiving this year.

2. Up your workout
Add a couple minutes to your work out routine. Lately, I’ve been challenging myself with running. I have a bad knee from competitive cheerleading and gymnastics, so running for an extended period of time has always been difficult. By adding a couple minutes, you can burn off more of those pesky toxins that keep your body craving junk.

3. Eat More
I know this seems contradictory, but the longer you wait to eat, the more you’ll start craving unhealthy snacks. I like to keep protein bars in my purse or up at my desk at work to make sure I always have something healthy. Also, eating every few hours helps keep blood sugar and hormones stable, which is another way to keep the craves away. 

4. No more sugar. Instead…
Go for something naturally sweet. Peanut butter, almond butter, and agave are a great healthy alternative to processed sugars and can help keep you satisfied when you need something sweet. Also, keep lots of fruit on hand to snack on between meals. My go-to snack lately has been a Granny Smith apple with almond butter. It gives me the energy I need while being low-carb.

7. Drink Plenty of Water
When your body is dehydrated, your brain may think you’re hungry. So, instead of grabbing an unhealthy snack, reach for a tall glass of water instead. 

10. Sleep 
When all else fails, get some sleep. Getting the proper amount of sleep boosts serotonin levels in the brain, leaving your body satisfied without unhealthy cravings. 

A consistent diet and exercise regime are crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. Try some of these tips and tricks to help curb your cravings, but remember to be patient. What may work for one person, might not work for the next.  

Do you have any tips that you swear by?  Let me know in the comments below!



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