My Must-Have Accessories When Traveling

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Lately, it seems as though I’ve caught the travel bug and don’t like being home in LA for too long without future travel plans. If you guys have been following my blog or Instagram you’ll know that I just recently got back from New York. Well it’s only been a couple weeks and I’ve already booked another trip, this time back to Chicago! While traveling can be a bit exhausting,  I will admit that it’s made me quite the expert at packing.

I know that packing (and unpacking!) can seem a bit tedious and even stressful at times, so that’s where I come in to help. I’ve created a list of tips and tricks I’ve learned as well as some of my favorite must-have travel accessories that make traveling a breeze (well, maybe not a breeze, but they definitely help!)

Toiletry Organizer

I’m an organizational freak, especially when traveling. I am that person that makes the bed, hangs up used towels, etc. just so that the hotel room isn’t such a mess. The same goes for my toiletries. Using a hanging toiletry bag (I use this one) helps me stay organized while I’m traveling and I’m able to pack them right back up when I’m ready to come home. Misplacing my most-used products never goes over well and having them all in one place and able to hang up makes my travels more comfortable, not to mention it saves space on the counter.

Mini Steamer

Steamers are so much better at getting wrinkles out compared to hotel room irons. Not to mention, I used to manage a hotel and have seen far too many irons ruin far too many clothing items. Thankfully there are plenty of travel-sized steaming options available. I bring this one in my luggage and steam my clothes as if I were home.

Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags

You guys know by now that I refuse to check a bag (unless completely necessary!) so when I’m trying to stuff all of my things into my suitcase, and they just aren’t fitting, I pull out these Space Saver Vacuum bags. I’ve only had to use them a couple times, but they truly work like a charm!

Universal Travel Adapter

When traveling with multiple people, nothing is worse than having to fight over the outlet in the hotel room. Luckily, with this universal travel adapter, it can charge up to 5 devices at a time and adapts to multiple countries outlets! No more worrying about whether to charge your phone, laptop or camera (or carrying around a million different outlet adapters!)

Portable Charger

Speaking about charging devices – nothing is as bad as finally landing in your destination and not being able to call an Uber or your ride that’s picking you up because your phone is dead. With a portable charger, that won’t happen! I love this little lipstick-sized one and bring it everywhere I go (even if I’m home and know that I’ll be out and about all day!)

Hard Shell Makeup Case

I always bring my makeup along with me when I’m traveling, and since I have a few different powder contour pallets, I pack it all in a hard shell makeup case to avoid anything from breaking. No matter how much your luggage moves around, this type of case protects the goods.

What are your must-have travel accessories? I really can’t live without these, but please share some of yours just in case I’m missing out!!



2 thoughts on “My Must-Have Accessories When Traveling

    • I LOVE my mini steamer. It wasn’t that expensive and I use it all the time (just used it when I was in New York for Fashion Week). I also use it to steam my boyfriends shirts if we have last minute date plans. I definitely think it’s worth it.


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