Favorite Items for Fall


Raincoat | Dress

Fall is finally here and my excitement cannot be contained! This time of year is my absolute favorite and while it hasn’t completely cooled down in Los Angeles, it’s never too soon to get into the spirit!

To me, Fall means cozy blankets, candles, nights in cuddling on the couch & homemade meals, so I thought that in order to get the rest of you in the mood, I am sharing some of my favorite seasonal items that are complete essentials in my home!


Whether  it’s veggie soup, coconut curry, or chili, soup is definitely a Fall-time week night dinner staple. Soup is so easy and healthy to make and I crave it as the nights start to cool off. You’ve seen both my veggie soup & curry recipes on the blog, but if you’d like a chili recipe, tell me in the comments below! As for a pot, all you need is a large cast iron dutch oven – easy enough, right?


Let’s face it, it’s not really Fall without seasonal candles and some of my favorite candles are at TJ Maxx. I always find really great-smelling (and large!) candles for a great price. One of my favorite scents that I picked up was DW Homes Apple Honey Butter candle and it’s to die for! I also found this cutie on Nordstrom’s website.


As the weather cools off, my skin tends to get dry. Luckily, Summer Friday’s just came out with their Overtime mask that has the yummiest pumpkin scent and gently exfoliates any dead skin. After that, I follow up with their Jet Lag mask for added moisture.


Cuddling up and watching your favorite Fall movies (mine are Hocus Pocus, Halloween, When Harry Met Sally, Halloween Town & The Nightmare Before Christmas) is always on my list of favorite activities to do. In order to make sure your movie night is perfect, you need a comfy blanket and I’m absolutely loving this sage green one from Nordstrom (also it’s 50% off right now!)

What am I missing? Are you getting ready for Fall? I’m currently cuddled up with my fur babies thinking about more soup recipes!

Comment below what your Fall essentials are!


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