How I Survive Mercury Retrograde


Have things seemed a little…off lately? You may have heard people around you blaming it on Mercury in retrograde. Not sure you understand what retrograde is and why Mercury in it messes everything up? Totally understandable. The funny thing is, all planets go into retrograde, not just Mercury. Let me explain:

When Mercury is nearest the sun, it appears to move backwards. The apparent reversal in it’s orbit is just an illusion to us on Earth. The easiest way I’ve been able to understand and explain it is that Mercury and Earth are orbiting around the sun on a racetrack and since a year on Mercury is only 88 days rather than our 365, Mercury experiences 4 years in the same amount of time we experience 1. So when the planets are next to each other on the same side as the sun, Mercury looks like it’s moving East rather than West.

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Still not sure what the F I’m talking about? Picture this: you’re driving on the freeway and you’re going faster than the person next to you and for that reason it can appear as though they’re driving backwards, when really, they’re just driving slower than you are. Earth is the “slower car” and the motion of it “going backwards” or Mercury passing it, throws things on Earth off balance a little. However, like I mentioned above, since Earth’s orbit isn’t identical to any other planet, all of them will appear to “move backwards” at different points in time.

Many people believe that mercury in retrograde is just an astrological superstition, but I personally believe that it can affect some of us. This year, Mercury will be in retrograde until August 19th and again in November until December 5th. However, instead of panicking any time this happens, I’ve come up with a list of some of the ways I survive Mercury retrograde so that I can share with you – we’re in this together!

Don’t take things too seriously

Work on taking things one day at a time. When things feel off or out of place, lower your expectations, take a deep breath, and try to go with the flow. It’s good to practice these traits for all aspects of life anyways. I mean, when does everything go 100% planned anyways?

Don’t be impulsive

Don’t jump into any permanent situations that you may change your mind about later. Instead, take this time to reflect and think about how the decisions you want to make will affect you once you’ve made them. I like to write everything down or in the notes on my phone, and then once this weird time is over, look back at what I wrote and see if it’s still what I want.

Be Patient

When things are feeling out of whack, it might be easy to get frustrated or overwhelmed. Instead of taking out your frustrations on your loved ones, try to be kind and understand that they might be feeling the affects of retrograde too.

Avoid Splurging

Window shopping may be your best bet during retrograde. Finding yourself in financial trouble after retrograde is over is not ideal and will most likely add to your frustration. Try to use this time to save your money instead and once you’re feeling like yourself again, check back and see if that large ticket item is still on your mind.

Now that retrograde is almost over, can you feel yourself starting to feel centered again? How did you survive this time? Or did you not feel it and think I’m being overly dramatic (this is where my dad would chime in)? Whichever way you feel about it, feel free to share in the comments below!



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