How to get back into your Workout Routine


As I get older, I find that life is becoming more demanding. Between work, trying to spend quality time with family and friends, taking care of pets and all of our other day-to-day activities, it can be easy to break our workout routine. Don’t feel bad about it, it happens to me quite frequently and once I’ve stopped, it can seem so hard to start up again. However, when I do find myself needing to get back to the gym, below are some of the things I do to help motivate myself:

Go easy on yourself

Every day is a new day and we are so blessed to have that opportunity to start over. Once you get it in your head that today is the day, make the effort to at least wake up, get dressed, and get to the gym. You’ll feel so much better once you’re there. I always tell myself once I’m done (even if I’m not 100% satisfied with how I did) that at least I got there today. Once you go a few days in a row, it’s so much easier to keep going and you’ll set yourself up to make better choices throughout the day!

Start a 30 day challenge

I personally love Kayla Itsine’s workouts! The workouts themselves are effective, full-body circuits consisting of squats, lunges, mountain climbers and planks with only a few breaks in between. The best part is that they only take about 30 minutes to complete, so there’s no excuse to not do them or not have time. I also really like Tone It Up! Karena and Katrina have an awesome way of involving and engaging their online community so that you have some added support!

Buy a new outfit

I always feel so much more motivated to work out when I have some new workout gear. Retail therapy is the best therapy out there (right?!) and if you’ve read my post about how to build your workout wardrobe, you’re already half way there. When I look good, I feel good and feeling good about working out is half the battle.

Get a workout buddy

I don’t know about you, but I’m a lot less likely to hit the snooze button on my alarm when one of my girlfriends goes with me to a workout class. Having a workout buddy is also great because you can catch up with a friend and complete your workout for the day all in one trip! And afterwards, you can catch up over a juice or a smoothie. Win/win.

Try different workouts

Diversifying your workouts is great for multiple reasons: you won’t get bored and your muscles will always be trying something new. If you belong to a gym that offers free classes then I highly suggest checking them out! Here in L.A., we have so many great apps like Class Pass‎ where you can choose classes from popular studios or gyms for as little at $20! I’ve also found great deals on workout classes on both Groupon and Living Social.

Hopefully, these tips will help get you back into the gym. Let’s do this together! Also, as always, feel free to comment and share what you do to keep your routines fun and fullfilling in the comments below.


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