3 Tips to Sleeping While Flying

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I feel like I’ve been so crazy busy with traveling lately and I’ve found myself on planes more than usual. It’s always fun once you’ve reached your destination, but I feel like the whole traveling experience can be a bit hectic. I’m not a great flyer and I tend to get really nervous during take-off and landing times, so my solution is to sleep. I try to fall asleep from the moment I get settled in my seat until we land. This also helps to fight jet lag so that by the time I reach my destination, I am not tired and better able to adjust to the time zone.

Picking your flight

Picking the right flight has so much to do with being able to sleep on planes and I usually tend to book something either at night or super early in the morning, this way, by the time I land my body naturally wakes up and it’s much easier to adjust to the time zone.

If I’m going to the East Coast or internationally, I’ll pick an evening flight, but for my upcoming trip to Hawaii, I pick an early morning one because they’re 3 hours behind, so once I get there, it’ll be the regular time I wake up anyways.

Picking your seat

Picking the right seat is also essential to sleeping comfortably on planes. I recently learned about an app called SeatGuru where you can see which seats are the best for that specific airline. I also try to get an exit row seat or upgrade to first class if possible and avoid sitting near the restrooms since they can be loud and crowded.

Sleeping Accessories

Sleeping accessories are key. I never get on a plane without my Sleep Silk eye mask or my memory foam travel pillow. I’m someone that prefers sitting in an aisle seat, so having a travel pillow is important, unless you’re sitting next to someone you can sleep on ;). I also always bring ear buds and a small blanket so that I can sleep and not be so cold or woken up by noise. My mom has a harder time getting to sleep, so I always bring some melatonin or 5HTP for her.

Flying can be as easy (or as hard) and you make it and these three tips right here are essential to smooth sailing…er, flying. What are your tips to getting good sleep on the plane? Share with me in the comments below!



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