What To Eat Before & After Your Workout Sesh (and why!)


I cannot begin to tell you guys how busy of a month January has been for me, and as I find myself at the end of the month, I must confess that I didn’t workout as much as I would have liked. However, I did fall back in love with bike riding, so that has to count for something, right? One question I get from my friends and followers is not only what I eat on a daily basis, but what I eat before and after a workout.

Figuring out what to eat before and after your sweat-sesh can be difficult (and bland!) at times, and if you’re like me, eating the same thing over and over again can get a bit boring. Also, being as busy as I am, planning ahead is crucial. A lot of my meals are prepped which can be a total game-changer.

With that being said, I’m here to help and have come up with some quick and easy snacks for you to try and why they are beneficial for you.

Before Your Workout

Before your workout, you’re going to want a combination of carbs and protein. Complex carbs are your friend and necessary to getting enough energy to get through your workout. The carbs break down into glucose, providing you with the energy your muscles need. The added protein will then help build those muscles.

  • Toast with avocado or almond butter
  • Banana with almond butter (the potassium in bananas help avoid cramps!)
  • Oatmeal with fruit
  • Apple with almond or peanut butter

After Your Workout

After your workout, it is important to eat quickly after – Gavin always says 30 minutes, but as long as it’s within the hour you’re fine. The reason for this is that during your workout, your body uses up a lot of your glycogen, which needs to be replenished in order to build muscles. You also lose water when you sweat, so it’s important to hydrate as well!

  •  Protein shake (I always bring a shaker cup with some protein in it and fill it with water when I’m done)
  • Veggie bowl – my favorite is quinoa, black beans, avocado, & cilantro with a squeeze of lemon
  • Hard boiled egg (Gav’s favorite)
  • Grilled salmon over a bed of kale or with veggies (I meal-prep salmon so all I have to do is quickly heat it up when I get home :))

Remember – food before and after your workout provides you with the necessary fuel your body needs as well as keeping your metabolism at a higher rate. No one wants all their hard work to go to waste! I hope this was helpful for you and if you have any questions or other snack options in mind, feel free to share them in the comments below! Enjoy your workout!




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