New Years Resolutions


I know it seems a bit cliche to do the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing, but I truly believe that the start of a new year can really bring about some change and growth. There’s nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself, and I think writing them down is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

To me, the problem with goals is that sometimes I feel we set them just slightly out of reach or make them so unrealistic that they can seem unattainable. This year, my goal is to encourage you to set forth some resolutions for yourself that are challenging, yet achievable. Keep reading if you’d like to know what I’m hoping to conquer in 2018!

Travel Goals

In 2017, I traveled to New York, Chicago, and Los Cabos – all of which I had never been to. Next year I would like to do more of that. I want to explore places I’ve never been and hope that I can add a few more international trips to my plans! Where should I go?

Food & Exercise Goals

In 2018 I plan on joining a pilates studio. I’ve always been someone to do my own workouts, but lately, I’ve been really enjoying a little help from an instructor. A couple of my girlfriends started doing pilates and they absolutely love it. If you have any recommendations for pilates studios in LA near Santa Monica, please leave them in the comments!

I also plan on only eating gluten free carbs on the weekends and sticking to a protein and veggie-heavy diet during the week. I always see the most progress when I cut back on carbs, so I’m hoping that I can hold myself accountable and stick to it using my meal tracker sheet I created (see it here). This also means no alcohol during the week and only clean, gluten free alcohol on the weekends.

Professional Goals

This year I really plan on getting to know the stock market better. I work for a hedge fund in Santa Monica and as I went to school for finance, I truly feel like I wasn’t taught half the things I’ve learned just by working here. In 2018, I hope to use the resources I have in my position to further my investments and gain knowledge that will be helpful for future endeavors.

As for my blog, it has always been more of a creative outlet for me, but I plan on making more of an effort to monetize it. Being a blogger is no walk in the park: building your own website (super hard by the way and if I have any friends that can help me make it better, please tell me in the comments!), creating your own content, writing/typing each post AND taking your own pictures. Unless you can afford people to do that for you, it can be pretty time consuming, so I hope to give my blog a little more TLC next year.

Personal Goals

As you already know, my Toys for Tots holiday party means so much to me, and I was thinking the other day, how can I be more charitable? I love the feeling I get from helping others, so I am hoping to get more involved next year. A girlfriend of mine who has a beauty blog donated a lot of beauty products to the women’s shelter of LA recently and I think that it’s totally something up my alley. If you have any other charities though that you’d like I’d enjoy getting involved in, please let me know.

I also plan on finding a church that I like in my area. Ever since we moved back out to the west side we haven’t been going to church and that’s something I’d like to do again on weekends that we’re home.

More date nights. When you live with someone and see them all the time, it’s easy to get into a routine and stay in to ‘Netflix & chill.’ I want to start doing weekly or bi-weekly date nights that get Gavin and I out of the house to enjoy a new local restaurant and spent some QT together.

And last but certainly not least, I am going to be more present and live more in the moment. As a blogger, it is difficult to find a happy medium, but I really think that it’s important to savor each and every moment. Getting older helps you realize how fast time flies and if you spend all that time on your phone, computer, tablet, etc., you miss everything life has to offer.

So that’s it for my resolutions and goals for 2018. I’m so excited for whats to come and am ringing in the new year with a refreshed, positive and energetic attitude. What are some goals or resolutions you have for yourself? I’d love to hear! 🙂



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