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My Most-Used Items of 2017


I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays this year – I feel like they came and went so incredibly fast! Just days away from 2018, I like to sit back and think about all that I’ve done this year and how the heck another year has flown by. That being said, I thought I would share some of my most-used items from this year. Being a product junkie, I feel like I’m always trying out new things, but my go-to’s are staples in my every day life and surely I couldn’t live without them!

Tovolo ice cube molds – you may have read about these here or here, but honestly I swear by icing your face every morning. For me, it helps wake me up, tightens my skin, and helps contour my face. I mix a little witch hazel with water and freeze over night and they usually last about a week before I have to re-freeze.

Bag Balm On the Go – if you’ve never heard of bag balm, you’re in for a treat. This product was introduced to me by a coworker of mine that’s pregnant and says it works miracles. She recommended it to me because my lips were sooooo chapped and needed to be rescued. 30 minutes after applying, I noticed a difference and now swear by it.

Citizens for Humanity Liya High Rise Jeans – you’ve seen these pictured all over my blog and Instagram and they aren’t going anywhere in 2018. They are my all-time favorite jeans and the clothing item I am sure I wore the most this year.

NutriBullet – I use this little guy almost every single day for my morning protein shake and honestly couldn’t live without it. After the gym, I pop in some Garden of Life Raw Protein, some raw oats, chia seeds, banana and almond butter and blend. Read about my other smoothie recipes here or here.

Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream – you’re probably sick and tired of me talking about Supergoop! products but this has my go-to “foundation” all year long. I love the fact that it’s pretty full coverage for such a light weight CC cream and that it also has SPF 35!

Amazon Echo – This is the coolest & creepiest gift I received last Christmas but I just love it so so much! What I mean by creepy is that I feel like Alexa is always listening…but I think it is so cool that she can do something with just one simple command. I mostly use her as a speaker to listen to music and I love that I’m able to turn the volume up or down without having to go over to her and do it myself.

Sony Alpha A5000 – I received this camera a year and a half ago and it has been one of my favorite items this year. It took me a while to really get the hang of using a camera again instead of my phone, but once I figured it out, I absolutely loved it. Gavin also got me a tripod and a Neewer light ring so that when I want to take photos for the blog, they look professional. This camera is also great for video, so if you have a YouTube channel, this would be a great starter camera.

COCO&CO. Coconut Oil – if you’ve read my post about coconut oil, or my skin care routine, you’ll know I use coconut oil for everything. Since I go through a tub of it every few weeks, I like that I’m able to order this raw one on Amazon. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have also seen how much Anakin likes it too! 😉

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara – this is my all time favorite mascara (seen here) and my go-to for every day wear. It’s long-wearing, doesn’t flake, gives me nice & full lashes, and I love that I can order on Amazon.

Broadway® Nails False Nails – I livvveeee by these nails. If I’m ever in a hurry and don’t have time to get my nails done, I glue a set of the Impress by Kiss nails on (my favorite color is red!). I know it sounds so crazy, but they look like you just got a gel manacure and are only $5-$8 and can be bought at most drug stores. My tip is to use the Kiss Nail Glue before applying the nails and the nail glue lasts about 3 months.

Just for Men Color Gel – let me start off by saying that this product is not just for men. It is actually perfect for women who like to dye their eyebrows! As most of you already know, my hair is naturally blonde, so since I like to keep it dark, I have to dye or tint my eyebrow hairs. If you’d like me to do an Instagram Stories tutorial on this, tell me in the comments below!

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