Wash Your Face!

Picture this: It’s Friday night and you’re with your squad for a girls night on the town. You planned on being home by midnight, but let’s face it, it’s 11:30pm and you’re just getting started. You don’t end up getting home until 2am, just in time to stumble into bed with a full face of makeup. We’ve all been there at least once of twice, but honestly, there’s nothing worse for your skin than falling asleep with your makeup on.

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Since high school, I’ve managed to wash my face every single night before I go to bed – regardless of the circumstances and it’s something I’ve always told my friends to do too. I decided to do some research to find out exactly what happens to your skin when you sleep in makeup. I’ll warn you now, it’s disgusting and being better informed will help you put an end to those bad habits.

What We Already Know:

Skin cells are renewed every night as you sleep, so having a coat of makeup on pretty much cancels out it’s natural cell-rejuvenating process. If you don’t feel like washing your face and reapplying your makeup before you go out, all of the dirt and pollution in the air during the day is still stuck on your skin. Applying makeup over that only locks it in deeper. Bacteria gets trapped into your pores and causes you to break out. Even tinted moisturizers can lock in dust particles and must be washed before you hit the hay.

What We Learned:

Sleeping in your foundation can cause wrinkles. By interrupting collagen production and cell-rejuvenation, you can be a victim of premature aging. By not washing (and exfoliating) your face, dead and dirty skin cells will continue to clog your pores, leading to more and more breakouts. Even mascara left on from the night before can cause breakage and styes. Styes are so incredibly painful, and if they get infected, you’ll most likely have to see a doctor.

Moving Forward…

Next time you’re out with the girls, keep in mind that you must wash your face before bed. Makeup wipes aren’t enough! To achieve a beautiful and natural glow, you’ll need to cleanse and moisturize!

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