Happy Birthday to Me!


Twenty-five has come and gone and I am feeling great about everything twenty-six has to offer. When I was younger I used to think 26 was so old, HA! And that I’d have it all figured out by now. Boy was I wrong! I am still getting the hang of filing taxes, paying bills, getting my car serviced, and being on time, but there are so many awesome things that I learned at 25, like registering for my own healthcare benefits, setting up my 401k, and investing in the stock market. I also got promoted, Gavin and I visited NYC for the first time, and Anakin & Mochi celebrated their 2nd birthdays!

Sometimes I find myself wanting more, or not being happy with where I am; always wondering what my next move is. But when I take a step back and really look at everything I have and how far I’ve come, I know I am right where I belong and have even exceeded my expectations for what I wanted to achieve by this age. It really makes me wonder why we (or society) set(s) unrealistic timelines and expectations for ourselves.  As an older (and wiser) person, I can honestly tell you that there is nothing wrong with living your life how you want to live it and reaching milestones at your own pace.

As I start this next year of my life, I feel like I am ready for new challenges, experiences, and opportunities and you better bet I’ll be sharing them all with you!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and showing me so much love! 



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