3 Year Anniversary Q & A


So the other day you may have seen that I celebrated my 26th birthday. Not only is August 6th my birthday, but it is also special because it’s mine and Gavin’s anniversary and this year marks 3 years of nothin’ but love! I know you guys either know Gavin or have read about him in some of my blog posts before, but I thought I would do something more personal for you guys to get to know us a little better! I saw this over on Gal Meets Glam and thought it was such a cute idea, so I used the same questions! Enjoy!

3 Year Anniversary Q & A

What is one quality in Alyssa/Gavin that you discovered while dating and grew to love?

A: He is so relaxed and can just go with the flow. I have to be honest, it took me a while to get used to it because I am the complete opposite. I truly think (hope – for his sake and mine) that as our relationship progresses, his ways will start to rub off on me and I will not be so much of a control freak.

 G: Perseverance, she is always pushing and bettering herself day after day. 

What is your biggest pet peeve about Alyssa/Gavin?

A: He leaves his hats and shoes EVERYWHERE. You guys might think that I am the shoe and accessory hoarder, but don’t be fooled – Gavin is just as bad, maybe even worse. Sandals, work boots, tennis shoes, oxfords, you name it, all over the house. He also leaves his hat on a lamp next to the couch and I’m just waiting for it to eventually catch on fire.

 G: When she calls my name and I answer but she doesn’t respond.

What is one skill Alyssa/Gavin has that you don’t excel in?

A: Music. Gavin can pick up on a beat or song and be able to re-play it or tap it on the steering wheel for the rest of the day. He also plays the guitar. I took 1 week of guitar lessons, and 1 month of piano lessons and decided that music wasn’t my thing, so I’m jealous that he’s so naturally good at it.

 G: She seems to excel in everything that she does but one thing she really excels at and I hope to pick up on is her ability to converse with people. She is always very inviting and very invested in the conversation at hand.

What does Alyssa/Gavin do that makes you feel better after a bad day?

A: He either holds me or hugs me (even though I usually don’t want to be held or hugged) and that always makes me laugh, partially because he’s stronger than me so I’m getting the hug regardless of whether I want it or not. He’ll also ask if I want a glass of wine and to watch a show on the couch. The answer to that is always yes.

 G: She helps me, whether its by helping around the house or making dinner… the last thing anyone wants to do after a long day is cook or chores. That is something I really appreciate and try to reciprocate.

What is something only you know about Alyssa/Gavin?

A: He has a good voice. I’ve caught him singing when he thinks I’m not listening before and he’s pretty good. He won’t sing on demand though, you really have to catch him in the act. He’s also really good at spray painting. He spray painted the rifle I bought him for our anniversary in camouflage and it turned out really well. I told him he should get into the custom gun-painting biz.

 G: What her mom used to do to help her sleep. 

What is one of your funniest travel moments together?

A: We were in NYC eating lunch at Bergdorf Goodman, and as we looked over Central Park he goes, “I feel like Lisa Vanderpump right now.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

 G: Every year around the 6th of August we plan a little get away. One year I had gotten her a gift specifically for the place we were going. We get up early the day of the our flight, excited and making great time on the way to the airport. 3/4’s of the way to the airport I get a strange feeling in my stomach… I forgot something. I forgot the gift! We drove all the way back, got the gift and had to speed all the way back to the airport. We almost got hit by the airplane door as we boarded the plane. We made it and we had a laugh once we had caught our breath.   

What is one thing Alyssa/Gavin can do that always makes you laugh?

A: Gavin is so good at making me laugh, I swear we have the best of times together. But my favorite is his little sayings. The other day I was talking to him about a Gucci belt I recently purchased and he goes, “I don’t care about Gucci, I just want to know what’s Gucci?!” And then he’ll walk away and he thinks he’s the funniest person, which makes me think he’s the funniest person. He also thought men had ovaries up until recently…I always complain that I feel like my ovaries are falling out around that time of the month so one day, he was experiencing some pain in that general area and said…”My ovaries hurt…” I just fell to the floor laughing and he had no idea why until I explained it to him. One of my favorite memories, but he’s going to kill me for telling you.

 G: Making me laugh is not easy but she has her ways. She loves to make quirky jokes but something she’s really good at is her sarcastic remarks. For those that know me I can be very sarcastic so when its done right I can really appreciate some sarcasm.

What movie best sums up Alyssa/Gavin? If you had to pick one actress to play her/him in a movie who would that be?

A: Gavin has a weird obsession with Matthew McConaughey, but I personally feel like Gavin would make a really good John Wick. Maybe if Matthew McConaughey played John Wick… it would truly be the perfect storm. OR if Matthew McConaughey played Harry Potter. It’s a toss up.

 G: She thinks she is Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

What does Alyssa/Gavin dream day look like?

A: We would sleep in until 9am. I would get up and make the coffee, and bring it to him while he scrolls through his phone in bed. Then, we would get up, get ready and go to Jimmy Deans to get breakfast burritos and head to the gun range. After that, we would stop at Tommy’s Burgers and he would get a burger and some chili cheese fries with a coke, go home and take a nap. Once awake from the nap, we would either go for a bike ride or a walk and have dinner at home with the cats while watching Forest Gump.

 G: Depends on her mood: Lazy day – could be watching some of her shows, a topper’s pizza (extra dipping sauces…. made that mistake once), sweats, couch, cats, lemon water, oh and some hot munchies. Energetic day- somewhere in the Eastern hemisphere exploring, shopping, and enjoying the finer things in life.  

What is a story Alyssa/Gavin shares with a new person and you never want to hear them tell it again?

A: Gavin will always tell you that Anakin is his because he bought him. The truth is, that I dragged Gavin to the No Kill Shelter of LA and Anakin was the ONLY kitten they showed us. Anakin was this noisy, bratty little guy, but I told Gavin that if we didn’t take him home, no one would, and guilt-tripped Gavin into forking out 10 whole dollars (they were having a Memorial Day sale LOL!) to buy him for me. Therefore, he is technically mine and was given as a gift.

G: Something she always loves to share is how we met. I think every couple is like that! It is a pretty cool story so if you ever see her I sure she will fill you in, but I’ve heard it soooo many times, can’t say I’d never want to hear it again, though. 🙂

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