A letter to my readers: Why it’s okay to Give Up


I’m going to get a little personal with you guys – I know this is a little different than some of my other posts, but I feel like what I’ve been going through is relatable and how I’m choosing to handle it can help, so lets get into it.

The start of this year has been a tough one for me, and while I’m not going to get into what I’ve been struggling with – because honestly that doesn’t really matter – I’m going to talk to you about how I’m choosing to handle it. I recently came across a fellow blogger who’s story really inspired me and changed my entire perspective on how to handle tough times. She is my age, with similar personality traits, and a love for God. Now I know that some of you may not be religious, and that is perfectly fine, but maybe you can find a way to apply this message to whichever higher being you choose to connect with.

Recently, this young lady’s husband passed away and she became a widow at age 26. Her and her husband had been married for 4 years, he had served in our nation’s military, and he seemed to be a kind man with a passion for worship. It seemed as though everything was going right for them. This guy was a good man with a loving wife and a great relationship with God. So what happened? Why was he taken from her? Why did all of this come to an end? Well the answer to those questions is one that none of us may ever receive. This unfortunate heartbreak was out of their control. As a young woman myself, I can not even imagine what she might be going through and the pain and agony that clings to a situation like this, but something I can understand and appreciate, is how she has chosen to take this curve ball life’s thrown at her.

She’s chosen to give up. Now I know what you’re thinking. Give up? You’re supposed to say keep your head up, move on, keep going. Well, yes of course. I completely agree that you should do all of those things, but what I mean by ‘give up’ is that you need to release the desire to control the outcome. This is where my perspective shifted. We are only human beings that make up a small part of this big world and something I’ve always been told is that, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” This really resonated with me.

I’ve always thought that one of my best characteristics was that I’m a planner. I plan out everything and I always like to be prepared. While I still happen to think that having my sh*t together certainly has been a blessing in many situations, as I get older I learn more and more that giving up control is not only liberating, but by taking your hands off the wheel and trusting God with whatever you’re going through, knowing that he’s got you, is the best feeling in the world. This may be hard for you – it’s so hard for me too. I’m a control freak to the max. But it’s something I’ve been giving a great amount of thought to and I think that giving up has the power to change your life, in an amazing way.

I don’t think any of us will truly understand life or what it’s all about, but for me, I feel like there’s beauty in the unknown. It provides us with the ability to grow. The ability to reflect on how we react to life’s curve balls (and sometimes how we can handle them better next time around).

I will end this lengthy post on this note – anything that you’re going through right now, it will pass. It is out of your control and all part of God’s plan, so continue to love, laugh, and take it day by day, because you never know what beauty is just beyond the unknown. I hope that this helps anyone else that might be going through something. We truly are in this together and I wish you nothing but strength, positivity, and light. XO


3 thoughts on “A letter to my readers: Why it’s okay to Give Up

  1. Thank you Alyssa, your post really touched my heart and I can completely and absolutely understand what you mean. Your Aunt Kelli went through the “give up” stage with Breanna and that’s working out well. You are a strong, intelligent beautiful young woman that I am so very proud of and while there is very little I can do for you at your age, remember that I love you and have good ears, a strong shoulder and a mightly good hug. I hope that whatever you are finding to be a challenge, you figure out and trust that God will somehow lead you to the answers.
    Love you lots, Grammy


  2. What a beautiful post. Thank you for this. You are a strong, powerful young lady Kip. I don’t think I’ve ever told you this but it has helped me in my rough times… “God doesn’t put you in situations that you cannot handle”. Keep your head up high. You will get through it with Gods love. All my love, Nay


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