Goodbye Jet Lag

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While I absolutely love to travel, jet lag can be a drag. For me, traveling is essential and I strongly believe it helps with personal happiness and growth, so no one needs that jet lag negativity in their life. With my NYC trip completed and some new travel plans on the books, I thought I would share 5 ways to fight jet lag so you can hit the ground running once you reach your destination!

Work it Out

I don’t know about you, but when I spend an extended period of time on an airplane, my muscles get tense. Working out prior to boarding increases circulation while relaxing those tense muscles. It also helps to get up an stretch during your flight to maintain that circulation. If you’re feeling even more ambitious, hit up the hotel gym once you reach your destination!

Get Movin’

Like I mentioned above, stretching during your flight is a great way to alleviate stiffness and fatigue. Any activity is beneficial to your body, so small, in-flight exercises are a great way to fight jet lag. Bringing along a stress ball as well as walking to the further restroom helps to keep that blood flowin. You can also stretch your arms or roll your wrists/ankles.

Adapt to the Time

Every time I’m traveling to a place within a different time zone, I try to adapt to their time by changing up my sleep patterns. For example, if when you land, it’s day time, try to sleep on the plane so you’re ready to start your day when you land. If it’s night time when you land, try to watch a movie or keep yourself awake for most of your flight.

It Can Wait

If you are experiencing jet lag and are having trouble sleeping, don’t resort to playing on your phone. Instead, try to relax, put some ear plugs in & face mask on and try to get some sleep. Traveling can be exhausting, so even though you’re excited, your body can probably use the rest. I also always pack my 5-HTP (or melatonin) if I need some extra help.

Go Go Go

No matter how tired you might be after landing, if it’s still day time, get out and get going! If you end up napping right when you reach your destination, you won’t be able to sleep that night and make your jet lag worse. Try to schedule an activity the day that you land so that you feel obligated to stay awake.

I hope these travel tips help and I hope you visit somewhere you’ve never been this year!


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