5 Best Apps for NYC

New York City is packed with restaurants, bars, theaters, activities and so much more. As a first time visitor, the city was exciting, yet overwhelming (and definitely nothing like LA). These 5 apps will alleviate some of that pressure to choose the right restaurant for dinner or figure out the subway, without taking away the fun of experiencing a new city.

Exit Strategy

The New York Subway system is a fantastic way to get around the city but can be especially confusing for the inexperienced. Exit Strategy was my most used app on my trip.


The best part about this app is that it works underground, where usually internet connection is unavailable. It’s also user-friendly, and includes a Manhattan street map, MTA bus schedules for all five boroughs, and subway exists and entrances at street level. It also shows you which subway car to be in so you’re close to the exit when you’re ready to get off.

Available on iOS, Android, Web


This all-in-one app puts the entire New York City in the palm of your hands. NYC Way delivers local news updates, Nightlife suggestions, 24-hour pharmacies, wi-fi locations, local events, wanted criminal alerts, and more. What more could you ask for?


Available on iOS

Happy Hour Finder

Finding the best food and drink deals in the city is just about as good as scoring an empty seat next to you on your flight.


The Happy Hour Finder app does just that – it helps you find the best happy hour deals closest to your location and it does it well.

Available on iOS, Android

Chefs Feed

New York’s food options are boundless, but you shouldn’t go just anywhere. Chefs Feed, helps you find where famous chefs like to eat even what they’re ordering. The app allows you to plan meals, invite friends to try new dishes, and receive tips from the chefs.


Available on iOS, Android

Bar Cart

If you need a break from long lines and packed clubs, Bar Cart helps you throw your own party. Bar Cart offers cocktail recipes, and alcohol delivery at the push of a button. Who says a night in can’t be just as fun?


Available on iOS

I hope that you find these apps as helpful as I did and if there are any you’d like me to add to my list, please feel free to list them in the comments below!


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