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Dare to be Dairy & Gluten Free

Lactose free and gluten free

I first would like to start out by saying that while some may think being gluten and dairy free are fads or not necessary, this is what I know and what works for me. Before making any large changes to your diet, always do your research and consult your doctor or physician.

The Problem with Wheat

While the most common problem with wheat and gluten is Celiac Disease (an autoimmune reaction provoked by gluten), your body can still have a negative reaction to gluten. Recently there’s been an increased amount of interest in non-Celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) and many people have reported sensitivities to gluten that don’t have Celiac. Wheat also contains two other problem proteins – wheat germ agglutinin and amylase trypsin that are not the same as gluten but you can be just as sensitive to them. These same proteins also cause inflammation in your stomach which cause bloating, so by being gluten free, you can avoid the bloat. When I first cut out gluten from my diet, it was like a huge weight was lifted off of me. I no longer had major stomach pains and didn’t get the ‘OMG I ate way too much I need a nap’ feeling. Now that being gluten-free is more common, GF products have become more accessible. A couple of my favorites are Ancient Harvest GF Pasta and Trader Joes GF bread for avocado toast.

The Problem with Dairy

Dairy is another story. Not only am I against dairy consumption for ethical reasons, but dairy is not as good for you as your ‘Got Milk?’ advertisements make it seem. One thing they do get right, however, is that the human body needs calcium. Calcium can be ingested through many non-dairy sources such as collard greens, kale, broccoli, oranges, and almonds. You can also buy a calcium supplement at your local grocery. Cutting out dairy also prevents acne and cancer-causing pathogens. Dairy products fuel the amount of insulin-like growth factor in your blood, which is a catalyst to cancer cell growth. Dairy is a rich source of fat and protein, and it keeps you full because it takes your body  a lot longer to digest, so if you do decide to cut out dairy, but need that full-feeling, stock up on good fats and proteins like nuts, nut butters, seeds, and beans. There are so many new products out that offer dairy free options and taste amazing! Have an open mind & give them a try!

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