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2017 Beauty Resolutions

I cannot believe it’s already 2017. I feel like ever since I graduated high school, time has just flown by. It feels like we were just celebrating 2016! Anyways, I wanted to share some of my beauty goals that I’m setting for myself this year with you guys.

More Facials & Masks

Last year, I was introduced to the Hydrofacial and I fell in love. I purchased a package of them and was doing them once a month. I don’t know why I stopped, but I’m going to start that back up again. I swear my skin never felt better. I also want to keep up with my own skin care routine at home. I have a lot of different face masks that I like to use, and I want to start doing them at least twice a week.

Drink More Water

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I drink a lot of water. In my post about my daily fitness routine, I explain that I try to drink about a gallon of water a day. There are so many health benefits that come from drinking water and I want to stick to it.

More Hair Cuts

In my Guide to Long & Healthy Hair, I explain how important trimming your hair is. I tend to be a bit hesitant when it comes to getting trims because I love having long hair, but I’m going to work on it in 2017. Shout out to my bff Laura Nelson that does an amazing job!

Keep a Routine

I am a product junkie and while I like trying out different products, they aren’t all as beneficial to my skin. This year, I want to stick to a consistent morning routine and night time routine to keep my skin looking fresh and moisturized. This also goes for taking my supplements on a regular basis. I have been terrible at this lately and need to get back on track!

Take Better Care of My Nails

I am soooo bad at this. I am so busy and often its hard for me to find time to make it to the nail salon, and painting my nails by myself, forget about it. Even if it means just stopping in and getting a buffing, I really need to take better care of my cuticles.

Washing My Face Before Bed

I can honestly say that I’ve always been really good at this, but I want to start encouraging my friends and fam to do the same. Washing your face before bed is essential and so beneficial to keeping it pimple-free.

I hope everyone is off to a great start this new year, and if you have any tips or resolutions you’d like to share with me, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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