Fun Fall Activities in Los Angeles

I don’t know what has been going on lately, but I have been feeling a little…uninspired. I’m not even sure if this is the right word, or if overwhelmed might be more applicable- either way, I have been trying to get myself out of this funk and there is nothing that cheers me up quite like the holiday season. It is now October in LA and we’ve started to get a slight (and by slight I mean it’s hardly there, but hey its something!!) breeze and change in temperature. I can feel the changing of the seasons in the air and it’s about time I enjoy it. If you’re needing a little pick me up like I am or you just want to do something Halloween-y with your friends, keep reading.img_8640

Pumpkin Patch at Limoneira Ranch

This is obviously a no-brainer and first on my list. I am from a small suburban town just north of Los Angeles called Santa Clarita – famous for Six Flags Magic Mountain and farms where large amounts of local produce are grown, and a couple of years ago, our local pumpkin patch decided to close. Lombardi’s Ranch was a family tradition, so as I’m sure you could imagine, it was pretty upsetting to see such a great place close it’s doors. However, I have found a new hidden gem. It’s a little bit further north, but if you’re looking to go to an actual pumpkin patch – this is for you. There’s a towering hay pyramid, hay & corn maze, wagon rides through the groves, acres of pumpkins, squash and gourds, food, wine, beer, crafts, live entertainment and a harvest of fun.

Six Flags Fright Fest

Speaking of Santa Clarita, Six Flags Magic Mountain has an exciting line-up of new haunted attractions that includes two new scare zones, the largest outdoor maze in the Park’s history, and an additional Fright Fest weekend starting on September 17! This year’s stunning new scare zone will transform the Park’s DC Universe area into DC’ Midway City, where some of the “Worst Heroes Ever” from the film Suicide Squad will be roaming the streets. If you’re like me and that sounds terrifying to you – the lines for the roller coasters tend to be a tad bit shorter due to all of the added attractions. Also check out Halloween Time at Disneyland, Knott’s Scary Farm, Universal City’s Horror Nights for more haunted theme park fun!

The Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns

This has to be one of my favorite things to see. The Rise will be returning to Los Angeles and is the most iconic, and unique family-friendly fall event. This year, they’re doubling the number of carved 100+ pound pumpkins on display which artists spend 10-15 hours on per pumpkin to illustrate and carve. There are also multi-pumpkin structures consisting of dozens of illuminated jack o’lanterns assembled into life-sized pieces of art. You’ll see classic fan-favorites as well as a number of new structures featuring characters from some favorite movies, including one that will make you feel like you’re in a galaxy far, far, away. There are also beverages (beer/wine/non-alcoholic) and snacks that you can walk with throughout! Tip: get a coupon code online for up to %65 off!


Los Angeles Haunted Hay Ride

Far from those kid-friendly rides through a pumpkin patch, this hayride unleashes all sorts of demons on Griffith Park. It’s an actual hayride paired with a scary-go-round, a number of scare zones and a pitch black maze filled with demons and maniacs, and probably a lot of Halloween lovers. This year’s theme, “Secret Society,” drags attendees through a trail of nightmarish characters, including an on-foot section. This is definitely more my speed when it comes to haunted houses, but remember enter at your own risk. We’re not coming in to save you!

Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary

The only thing better than a haunted attraction is a haunted attraction on a giant ship. You’ll find all the usual horrors here—fog, mazes, and monsters—as well as a vintage Ferris Wheel (and a full bar). The dark, cramped confines of the Queen Mary are already pretty spooky to me with or without monsters—just be prepared to climb a lot of skinny staircases. There’s also an R.I.P. Lounge (clever) if you’re looking for a first-class experience aka fewer monsters, more booze, & made-to-order taco station. Tip: Arrive before 8pm for $20 “Happy Haunting Hour” tickets.

Alone: An Existential Haunting

I saved the scariest for last and there’s absolutely no way you’d ever get me to attend something like this – but this is for all of you scary movie lovers and creatures of the night. This haunting experience is free of killer clowns, chainsaws, and gore; it’s just you and whatever else is lurking in the dark. Alone is a solitary experience of survival in the dark where you never know what could be around the corner. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes; you’ll need them to run. Also, a warning: This is one of those haunted houses where they can and will touch you so considered yourself warned!

If there are any other activities you’d like to add to my list – please feel free to leave them in the comments below! Happy Hallows Eve month and enjoy! XO




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