White After Labor Day and other Fashion Rules that were Meant to be Broken

Now that Summer is unofficially over and Fall has showed up, I think it’s about time we discuss why I think “Fashion Rules” are the epitome of conformation formulated by characterless and tiresome, stereotypes. Now I know that sounds a bit harsh, but who in their right mind actually obeys these “rules” anyways? If you were to look in my closet right now, you would see that a large majority of my ensembles, if you will, are white. In my book, rules were meant to be broken and you better believe I’m going to wear most, if not all of these outfits at some point between the months of September & May. Have you not heard of “Winter Whites?” If you’re from So-Cal like myself, maybe not, but I’ve seen the 1954 classic ‘White Christmas’, and I know better.

Here are 5 “Fashion Rules” that you can pretend don’t exist.

Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

Not only could I find no authoritative reasoning behind this rule, but Fashion Goddess Coco Chanel herself has been wearing white year round since the 1920’s. This should be reason enough – but if for some reason it isn’t, you should wear white after labor day because you want to. I feel like it’s 2016 and it’s been a great year for disposing of idiotic stereotypes that have been around for years, so lets bid this one adieu as well.

Don’t Mix Metals

Sorry not sorry, but I wear silver rings on my fingers and gold earrings in my ears all the time. My home decor has gold, silver, and rose gold all mixed together and it’s fabulous. There is no reason why you should ever listen to this terrible rule. I think the more the merrier and anything shiny always catches my eye. I have three words for you: Cartier Trinity Ring. This beautiful ring (btw: retailing for $1,140) is gold, silver, and rose gold and is absolutely stunning. Drop mic.

Match your Bag with your Shoes

This is just unreasonable. If you’re like me and have a terribly busy schedule, matching your shoes to your bag is the last thing that’s on your mind. This stuffy rule was unpermissive between the 40’s – 60’s and it wasn’t until the Feminist Movement of the 1960’s and 70’s where women stopped abiding by this rule – thank goodness. I honestly can’t remember a time where I matched my shoes to my purse. As long as I’m comfortable and think I look good, matching is unimportant.

Don’t Mix Black and Brown (or Black and Blue)

This fashion faux pas is insane to me. I own a pair of boots that are black with a brown rim around the top of them and I absolutely love them. I can actually remember the day that I bought them and how excited I was to wear them out. To this day, I am still all about mixing and matching brown and black and you should be too. Especially with Fall right around the corner. Black and blue on the other hand – what color shoe would you wear with a navy dress? I am seriously curious because besides nude, (which I sometimes think is too light for navy) I would choose black. Correct me if I’m wrong. And if I’m wrong, sue me, because I’d do it again.

Don’t Wear Horizontal Stripes

People say not to wear horizontal stripes because it’s not “flattering” on your figure. OH PLEASE. I am so sick of hearing people tell women what they should and shouldn’t wear depending on their figure. If you like stripes and they just so happen to be horizontal, wear them. People can shove their opinions up their ass and move on with their lives. I personally have a couple shirts that have horizontal stripes and they look fantastic with my favorite pair of ripped jeans. I also think this depends on the width of the stripe – because sometimes you might look like you were just released from your local penitentiary. Other than that, wear the shirt and feel beautiful in it.

I could go on and on but I hope this helps you ladies whether you’re shopping for Fall or Back to School, and always remember that you’re beautiful just the way you are! If you have any other ridiculous fashion rules you want to include to my list, please feel free to leave them in the comments below! XO

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