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Carry-On Essentials


If you’re like me, flying can be pretty hectic. Like almost everything I do, I start preparing about a month out and I try to start packing at least a week before departure.  Since I am always so busy, I find that packing ahead of time helps to calm my stress. This gives me time to add last minute items to my suitcase as well as time to think about if I’ve forgotten anything. Whenever I travel, I am usually off exploring right off the plane, so getting rest on my flight and making sure I have toiletries to freshen up, really helps. Here’s some of the items I bring with me in my carry-on bag so that I’m comfortable for the flight.

Carry-On Luggage

When I travel, I usually like to try and shove my entire wardrobe for the trip into my carry-on bag, but a lot of the times, especially if I’m gone for more than 2-3 days, this doesn’t work and I have to check my larger luggage. Even so, I always have a carry-on bag so I can have my valuables with me. My carry-on bag at the moment is a gold, 17″ Baigio, hardshell bag that matches my larger 24″ Baigio suitcase.

carry on bag


When I travel, I  always make sure to have a form of ID (I bring drivers license + passport), my boarding pass, and my itinerary all together in a folder. I know this sounds so old school now that everyone has their boarding passes on their phones, but I am someone that likes to have a copy of everything, just in case. I usually like to check in for my flight ahead of time as well. This saves so much time, especially since there’s always a line at the boarding pass stations. It also helps to add (and pay for) checked bags + rental cars to your reservation ahead of time.



Lately I’ve been obsessed with rose water. When traveling, my skin tends to get dryer than usual and this not only helps keep my skin moisturized, but it has toning effects as well. The one below is great because it’s organic and it’s only 2 fl oz so it meets the TSA guidelines. If you have rose water at home and it’s not under 3 fl oz, you can always purchase mini travel containers like these ones here. Along with rose water, I also pack a silk sleep mask (silk is great because it doesn’t pull on your skin, therefore it helps with anti-aging), my Ruya memory foam travel pillow, a travel toothbrush/toothpaste, perfume, chapstick/lipgloss, and a pair of sunglasses.

rose water


Headphones are a #1 airplane necessity to me, whether I want to listen to music, watch the in-flight movie, or work on my blog. They’re also extremely helpful when tuning out a crying baby or a snoring neighbor. I also make sure to pack my phone, laptop, camera and all of the chargers that go with them, including a portable charger for my phone (another high ranking necessity). I use Cord Tacos to keep all of my cords organized and to prevent from getting tangled.

cord taco


For those that know me, know that I am absolutely ridiculous when it comes to buying things that I don’t need, however, my idea of a necessity is completely different than theirs (insert angel emoji). This little guy right here is just what you need while you’re 39,000 ft up. Gray Malin is one of my favorite fine art photographers and I’ve been following him for quite some time now, so when he came out with this bad boy, I had to have it. Each kit includes: Instruction card, rainbow sprinkles, tonic syrup for 2, 1/2 oz jigger, bar spoon, linen napkin, striped straw, and flamingo stirrer. All you have to do is order the hard stuff on the plane and mix! Fabulous right?


I hope this helps with all of your carry-on needs and if you have any must-have flight essentials to add to my list, please leave suggestions in the comments below!

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