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4 Favorite Vegan Spots in LA

Eating vegan is much easier in LA than in other parts of the country, and there are so many great places to choose from. I’m sure that this list will be ever changing, but below are my favorite vegan spots in Los Angeles right now.


1. Crossroads

This will always be a favorite of mine. Crossroads is an upscale restaurant that provides an elegant ambiance.The food is absolutely amazing. My favorite things on the menu are the Kale Caesar, the Ravioli, the Lasagna, and the sorbet. I also bought Chef Tal Ronnen’s cookbook (which is on display in my kitchen) and the recipes are fantastic and easy enough for someone who’s not a chef! I want to make a note that it is a seasonal menu, so the items I listed are not always featured. I recommend making reservations & showing up with your entire party. They don’t seat you until everyone has arrived, and since it’s so busy, they’ll give up your table if people show up more than 15 minutes late.


2. Gracias Madre

If you’re looking for a restaurant that embodies Los Angeles, this is the spot for you. Gracias Madre is a plant-based Mexican restaurant that sources locally grown organic ingredients with an interior design that you’ll wish was in your own home. They have indoor & outdoor seating with amazing drinks and a weekend brunch menu; you really can’t go wrong. My favorite things that they feature are the Guacamole con Tortillas, the Uno Bowl, Coliflor Frito, and of course the Quinceañeras snow cone margarita. I also recommend making a reservation here, because it does tend to get crowded and you’re going to want to request a table outside.

sun cafe

3. Sun Cafe

First let me start by saying everything on the menu is delicious and I definitely suggest ordering more than one thing and sharing it amongst friends.  Sun Cafe’s take on a rustic cuisine uses fresh organic ingredients and makes their dishes from scratch. All ingredients are non-GMO and will leave any meat-eater satisfied. My favorite things on the menu are the Sun Nachos, the Mac & Cheese, the Coconut Curry with Black Rice accompanied by fresh squeezed lemonade & a green juice. Call ahead to make reservations and request to sit outside!

Moby Pine Tree Restaurant Portraits, Los Angeles USA - 6 Nov 2015

4. Little Pine

If you ever find yourself in Silverlake, this is one of my favorite spots. Little Pine’s cuisine is Californian comfort food, and effortlessly plant based. It’s a casual dining experience with one of the best grilled cheese/tomato soup combos I’ve ever had. I also really enjoy the Crispy Smashed Potatoes, Fennel Grapefruit Avocado Salad, and Vegetable Ravioli. Little Pine is a small venue, so I would definitely recommend calling and making reservations if you plan on dining with more than 2 in your party. The owner is passionate about organic, vegan cuisine and his dedication shines through the food.


I hope this helps you decide on a place to eat for your next night out, and don’t be discouraged if your friends or significant other aren’t vegan; each restaurant has been boyfriend approved! I am always up for trying new places, so feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your favorites are!

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