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4th of July: Block Party Essentials

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I absolutely love getting together with family and friends to celebrate America’s Independence with food, drinks, music & of course fireworks. I have come up with some of my favorite (and health conscious) Block Party Essentials so now it’s time to party!

I incorporated a healthier tablescape this year – just because it’s the 4th, doesn’t mean it’s not bikini season ya’ll. Also, summer in California is HOT, so I wanted the appetizers to be light, refreshing & delicious. Making each one was so simple and took at the most 30 minutes to put them all together. Wouldn’t you rather be out having fun than slaving away in the kitchen? I know I would! Click the picture above to get the details on my Pinterest!

4th4th 24th 3

If you’re looking for an outfit for the 4th, my go-to is a pair of Levi vintage cutoff shorts, and a bodysuit, finished off with your favorite flannel tied around your waist!

What are your #BlockPartyEssentials ? Tag me on Instagram or comment below!

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