Product Review: 5 Favorite Concealers


maybelline fit me

If you’re like me and are a drugstore product junkie looking for a new concealer with great coverage, this is it. I love how light-weight it is and with an applicator similar to that of a lipgloss, it makes it very easy to apply. I don’t like to look like I’m wearing a lot of makeup, but I like the coverage so this is my every day go-to concealer.



I love this concealer. It’s lipstick-like applicator makes it so easy to apply and the creamy texture doesn’t settle into creases. My favorite thing about this product (and Brand) is that they are cruelty free and don’t allow any animal testing, nor sell in any countries that do. This light-weight formula still gives you the coverage you want without feeling too heavy.


ultra HD

I just started using this product and absolutely love it. If you’re looking for a bright under eye and highlighter but still a good amount of coverage, this product is for you. I love the highlight that’s in this product and I use it not only under my eyes, but as a contour in areas like my brow bone, cheek bone and cupids bow.


laura mercier

If you’re looking for a heavy coverage concealer, this is it. This product can hide practically anything. I’ve personally used it on curling iron burns and it makes them look nearly invisible. I have noticed that it tends to get a little creasy when you use it on your eye lids or under your eyes, so make sure to set with a powder if this is what you’re using it for. Laura Mercier products are also cruelty free which is a huge plus in my book!



If you’re looking for a product similar to the Maybelline, this is a great dupe. This product seems to last a little longer throughout the day, and with an similar applicator similar to a lipgloss, I feel like I can get into those hard to reach inner eye corners as well as covering a blemish if I have one. I use this one all the time as a concealer as well as a highlighter. NARS is also cruelty free*.

Do you have a favorite concealer? Leave me a comment with yours below so I can check them out and click the links to shop the concealers I love!

maybelline fit mehourglassultra HDlaura mercierNARS

*Please note that Shiseido is a company that still tests on animals, but they own 3 cruelty-free brands including NARS which is not sold in mainland China, where animal testing is mandatory for foreign cosmetics

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